ChicFit is a luxury fitness apparel. We believe that every woman should feel amazing in their own skin while looking fabulous at the same time. More and more women are taking care of themselves emotionally and physically. So, if you want to look chic and fab while hitting the gym, or just hanging out, look no further, we're here for you

Our Chic Doll Boss Eliane Mayilis founded ChicFit in 2018. She's been always passionate about Fashion from a young age. However, after battling anorexia for 8 years, she fought through, and learned to take care of her herself both mentally and physically, hence her passion for fitness. She believes every woman is unique and beautiful. She thought it would be a great idea to combine both her passion for fitness and fashion and create some amazing pieces that will make any women Chic!

All the sets pieces in her line are named after the women in her family

Come join us and become a Chic Doll :-)